Pleasures of the Night Review

Happy Valentine's Day Ladies! This week's book by Sylvia Day is a great read and I have a new favorite author now. Pleasures of the Night is a thrilling book with dream hunks that come to life and fantastic dialogue. Aidan and Lyssa are matched in wit and passion and Sylvia Day creates a great … Continue reading Pleasures of the Night Review


Compromising Positions Review

I feel like I may be suffering from Romance overload but I made it my resolution to read and review one book per week for you all. Quick side note: Does anyone have any books they would recommend as a palette cleanser? I need anything that isn't romance, leave your suggestions in the comments below … Continue reading Compromising Positions Review

The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty Review

Hi ladies, Valentine's day is coming up so for a little treat for you all I will be reviewing erotic romances.  So for the entire month of February you can look forward to books that will definitely get you hot and bothered ;). Review: This book was fucked up. Like royally fucked up. It's supposed … Continue reading The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty Review

Little Red: An Everland Ever After Tale Review

Little Red by Caroline Lee is a grown up retelling of a favorite fairytale with a western twist. The book itself is pretty short and it's a fun read. In order to save her grandmother's orphanage from El Lobo, Red enlists the help of bounty hunter Hank Cutter. At first Hank wants nothing to do with … Continue reading Little Red: An Everland Ever After Tale Review