Endings and New Beginnings

Hi friends, I’m back! I unintentionally took a hiatus from blogging but the end of the semester was super crazy. I will be back to reviewing books soon though, I promise.

Two weeks ago, I had to put my cat, Snowflake, down. She was 16 years old and had cancer on her ear. I was truly devastated and still am. Losing your pet is like losing a family member. She had such a big personality and I miss her so much. There will never be another cat like Snowflake.

The day after we put Snowflake down, one of my neighbors reached out to my mom. They had found a stray kitten wandering around the woods with no mother to be found. My mom asked if I would be willing to take care of it.

And that’s how Malfoy entered our lives. When we got him, he was only 4 weeks old and had to be bottle fed. On his first day, he bit the nipple off the bottle! Cats that young also need to be stimulated before they go to the bathroom and I never imagined that when I got a kitten I would have to wipe it’s butt before it peed. He is growing steadily and doing really well. He is a totally different cat from Snowflake and is definitely not her replacement. Malfoy is a great cuddler and has a ton of energy.

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