Compromising Positions Review

I feel like I may be suffering from Romance overload but I made it my resolution to read and review one book per week for you all. Quick side note: Does anyone have any books they would recommend as a palette cleanser? I need anything that isn’t romance, leave your suggestions in the comments below and if I read it I will give you a shout out!

So the book: Compromising Positions is  a Harlequin “Blaze”, which is supposed to be their steamiset line. The plot is simple Amelia and Sam both have a claim to a George Washington bed and will do anything it takes to keep it– even sleeping in it.

The two share some witty dialogue and the book isn’t terrible. It just wasn’t the overly erotic experience I was looking for. I felt the plot was predictable and a little overdone and it was really disgustingly sweet. I feel like the author was trying too hard either to make it funny or to make it erotic and somehow missed both. Overall, it’s an okay read.


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