The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty Review

Hi ladies, Valentine’s day is coming up so for a little treat for you all I will be reviewing erotic romances.  So for the entire month of February you can look forward to books that will definitely get you hot and bothered ;).

Review: This book was fucked up. Like royally fucked up. It’s supposed to be a retelling of sleeping beauty but in a much more erotic way. After being awakened Beauty is sent to the Prince’s palace to basically be a sex slave. There is no consent involved, it’s all basically rape. Also Beauty is only 15 (the book is set in the middle ages so she’d be of age-ish) but still. I was not expecting that from this book. It made me very uncomfortable to read and quite frankly I wouldn’t recommend it. I have no problem with reading about more erotic tastes but I feel like there has to be some level of consent involved. I didn’t like this book at all, but if you’re interested or find that kind of thing fascinating, by all means read it.


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