Little Red: An Everland Ever After Tale Review

Little Red by Caroline Lee is a grown up retelling of a favorite fairytale with a western twist. The book itself is pretty short and it’s a fun read.

In order to save her grandmother’s orphanage from El Lobo, Red enlists the help of bounty hunter Hank Cutter. At first Hank wants nothing to do with the reckless Red, but agrees to see her safely to town. When El Lobo shows up and demands that Red marry him so he can control her inheritance, Hank vows to protect her.

This book was a quick read and a fun one. Red and Hank share pretty great dialogue and Red’s passion for her family was admirable. It’s not super racy but Hank and Red do share quite a bit of chemistry. Overall, I liked the book a lot and thought it was a good way to spend an afternoon.


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