Night Pleasures Review

Happy 2018 everybody! As per new years custom I will share a new years resolution with you all: I will post once a week, every week. Leave a comment with your resolutions or let me know what you want me to read and review next.

So now for the review: Sherrilyn Kenyon is one of my favorite authors, and Night Pleasures is the second installment of her Dark Hunters saga. I have already reviewed the 1st and 3rd book in the series and I loved them both. This book offered a lot more exposition of the 3rd book made more sense to me. I do recommend reading this series in order so to clarify the order goes Fantasy Lover; Night Pleasures; and Night Embrace. (If anyone is interested I included the links to my earlier reviews) Eventually I will make it through the entire series and I hope everybody likes it as much as I do.


Sherrilyn Kenyon

So this book centers on Kyrian of Thrace and Amanda Devereaux. The two are complete opposites and incredibly attracted to each other. Kyrian knows they can never have a future or a relationship beyond a one night stand because he is a Dark Hunter, an immortal whose sworn duty is to protect humanity from the evil creatures in the night. The two meet by being kidnapped together, while Amanda is mistaken for her twin sister Tabitha. They instantly dislike each other and must learn to cooperate long enough to defeat Desidrus a  soul sucking vampire. As the novel goes on Amanda is able to break down the barriers around Kyrian’s heart and they fall in love.

They have great dialogue, awesome chemistry and one sex scene that I will not forget for a looong time. I loved this book and look forward to reading the next one.


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