Fair Game INC Review

Private Investigator Amber Shaw specializes in revenge for the lovelorn. She meets Grayson Charles in a revenge scheme intended for his twin brother. Grayson takes her to court and Amber is sentenced to work for Grayson for free. At first, the two try to avoid each other as much as possible and eventually neither can deny the chemistry they share. Throughout the book, Amber is left threatening messages: her tires are slashed, she finds a mouse in her desk drawer and she can’t seem to shake the feeling that she’s being followed. She gets kidnapped by a fellow PI James Heck. Grayson and his twin are there to save the day and then Grayson asks Amber to marry him. Spoiler: she says yes.

My thoughts: I liked the book. It was witty and well written, and the characters were funny. But there was a lot going on in such a short book. I think the author could’ve expanded on the sub plot with James Heck to make it more gripping, it kind of felt awkward and out of place. But overall, it was a fun read and I enjoyed the book. Grayson and Amber (and all the characters really) have good dialogue and I really liked the beginning of it.


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