The Study of Seduction Review

The Study of Seduction is the second installment of Sabrina Jefferies “The sinful suitors series”. Set in regency England, Clarissa has decided she will never marry anyone especially not Edwin. Edwin is looking for a wife this season and he has a very clear idea what he wants: a woman who won’t challenge him. When one of Clarissa’s suitors will not take no for answer, Edwin offers to marry her.  Meanwhile Clarissa is dealing with the repercussions of  sexual assault. The two learn to work with each other and eventually fall in love. I really liked this book– it’s a historical romance and has a lot more to the story than just the season. Edwin and Clarissa have a great dialogue and I loved Clarissa’s personality.

For the rest of October I will be reviewing paranormal romances in honor of Halloween. As always check out my Pinterest board for The Study of Seduction here!


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