Forged in Desire Review

Hi guys sorry I didn’t post last week I was getting ready to move back to school and got super busy. Classes and recruitment week started yesterday so for the next two weeks I’ll just be posting weekly on Tuesdays at noon, like always.

So this week’s book is Forged in Desire by Brenda Jackson. Its a steamy romantic suspense/thriller with lots of action. Jackson’s writing is incredible and I thoroughly enjoyed this book. My only complaint was that there were too many side stories and the ending dragged on. Once the main danger was over, Jackson tried to force another plot to wrap up immediately and the pacing was off.  But overall it was a good book. I will be adding a pinterest page at a later date, I’ve just been super busy last week.

I did have the honor of hearing Brenda Jackson speak at the RWA Conference in Orlando. She was incredible and truly inspiring. I highly recommend her as an author- she is just so talented and her own story is so inspiring.


Brenda Jackson


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