Wicked Grind

Wicked Grind is the first in the Wicked Books standalone series by J Kenner. Wyatt Royce needs an IT girl for his ground-breaking photography show and his muse- and only woman he ever loved Kelsey Draper walks into an audition. Their relationship ended poorly almost a decade ago, and yet both still need each other. It was a good story about breaking away from a Good girl persona and exploring one’s sexuality- and I can totally relate to that. However I was expecting (or hoping for) something a little more erotic and explicit than what was written. Honestly the book felt like a tease. The entire premise is basically An ex-boyfriend who demands complete control over a nude photo shoot convinces a pure kindergarten teacher to let go of the past and give into her darkest desires, and yet I was kinda bored.  I think my biggest problem is that Kelsey spends so much of the book running away and hiding from herself.

Don’t get me wrong, there were parts of the book that I liked (hello red panties on the rearview mirror and strip club scene) but overall I feel like I was expecting something along the lines of Fifty Shades and got a sweet light romance instead.  As always feel free to check out my Wicked Grind Pinterest board!


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