Going Dark Review

**Publication Date 9/5/2017, available wherever books are sold**

This is the first book in the Lost Platoon series by Monica McCarty, and the publication date (as stated above) is September 5th. I highly recommend this book so be on the lookout for it at your local bookstore or wherever you find books.  The book begins with an ambush on SEAL Team 9, and the survivors are all scattered across the globe. Dean Baylor happens to be in Scotland when Annie Henderson is caught up in an Eco Terrorist plot. Dean cannot resist helping Annie clear her name and the two share intense chemistry.

The dialogue: perfect, they are evenly matched in wit and dry humor so I loved it.

The sex: is so well written and hot, I was reading this in the car with my whole family and I kid you not I was blushing right along with Annie.

The plot: Annie and Dean are on the run and sharing tight quarters and stressful circumstances; cliche as it may be this was a good book. I loved it and think you will too. Check out my Going Dark inspired Pinterest board! And remember Going Dark by Monica McCarty will be published on September 9th.


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