Twenties Girl Review

Hi Guys! I am finally back from florida and can’t wait to get back to school the semester is less than a month away! After the conference I have some new ideas for the site that I’m going to try out so please feel free to let me know your thoughts!

Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella is a funny contemporary fiction with both romantic and paranormal elements. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and most everything else Kinsella writes. The book opens at Lara Lington’s great Aunt Sadie’s funeral. Sadie is practically a stranger to the family she left. At the funeral Lara discovers she can see(and hear her great aunt). Sadie tells Lara that she cannot rest without her diamond necklace. This sends Lara on a seemingly hopeless chase to help Sadie cross over, and along the way Lara learns how to move on with her life.

Before Sadie, Lara was pining after an ex-boyfriend Josh, and went to extreme lengths to try to get back together with him, including using Sadie’s ghost mind manipulation talents. Things change when she meets Ed. I really liked Lara’s relationship with Ed. Sadie forces Lara to ask out a complete stranger and the two oddly hit it off. They have a genuine interest in each other and while the book lacks any steamy sex scenes, the relationship that Lara and Ed build is realistic and sweet.

Complete with twenties fashion, dancing and music this book is a must read. Feel free to check out my Pinterest board inspired by Twenties Girl.


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