The Raven Review

The Raven, by Slyvian Reynard– New York Times Bestselling author of the Gabriel Trilogy, is a paranormal romance and a captivating read. the raven

Summary: Raven is attacked trying to help a homeless man on her way home from a party. She is saved by a dark and mysterious figure, known as The Prince. A week later, she wakes up and has undergone a fantastic physical transformation and her savior is nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, The Prince (William York) a vampyre, is busy trying to protect his city from ferals and hunters alike, and watch over the woman he saved. When the two finally meet, Raven wants nothing to do with him. Eventually, she falls in love with William and learns that he is not capable of love. Raven then leaves the Prince after meeting Aoihbe, and learning that the two were lovers. At the very end the Prince convinces Raven to give him another chance and confesses his love for her. The novel ends with a cliffhanger that makes me very excited for the next book.

My thoughts: I loved the book. It was a captivating read and Reynard’s writing is fantastic. Her characters are flawed and beautiful and she has a great pace with her  storytelling.


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