Fifty Shades Darker Review

Summary: The second installment of E.L James’s Fifty shades trilogy begins a week after the first book ended. (You can read my review of Fifty Shades of Grey here.) Ana has left Christian and is now heartbroken. At Jose’s photography exhibit, Christian and Ana decide to get dinner and talk about what went wrong in their relationship. When the couple get back together, Ana is stalked by one of Christian’s ex-subs, Lelia. Eventually, Lelia pulls a gun on Ana, and then Christian has to save her. At the same time, Jack Hyde (Ana’s boss at SIP) makes a pass at Ana. Christian who is buying the company at the time gets Hyde fired. The novel concludes with a helicopter crash and Christian asking Ana to marry him. Spoiler: She says yes!

50 shades darker 2

My thoughts: The beginning was slow and awkward. After Ana left Christian, her whole world falls apart, even though she has a new job and a new apartment in a new city. If she wanted, her break up could’ve been the fresh start the she was looking for.  Once the story picks up, the book is interesting and hard to put down. As always, Ana’s inner goddess and subconscious are funny additions to the story. My biggest complaint is that Lelia’s story arch is never fully developed. She kinda just shows up a few times and then Christian takes care of it, without fully explaining what he did or why he did it. The helicopter crash also felt a little rushed. Mrs. Robinson(Lincoln) is present throughout the book, and is actually a fascinating character. Overall the story is great and I enjoyed reading it!


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