Total Trend Transformation

The Actual Evolution of a Trend
“You don’t have to follow trends, you should set them, because there are too many “her’s” and “him’s” but there is only one you,” Jessica Atef said. But, have you ever wondered where the latest trends come from? Or who influences the fashions seen in the mass market? The evolution of a trend is quite simple, and yet very few people actually understand how trends begin, change and are accepted by the masses.

Trends technically don’t start in a design house. Realistically, fashion designers for the mass market will find ways to reinvent last year’s (or season’s) items that sold really well. For example, if the color lilac was profitable in the spring collection, designers might continue the trend with darker shades of purple in winter. In the fashion industry, trends are predicted by fashion forecasters. The fashion forecasters are the people who look at which items sold well and which ones didn’t. Just like weather forecasters, there are tools that fashion forecasters can use tools such as graphs and websites. Usually forecasters are hired by designers or design houses to help them spot the trends of the season.

Once a designer has produced a collection, they are typically displayed in fashion shows. During fashion shows bloggers and buyers are keeping track of the key pieces. A buyer might work for a large department store like Macy’s or Saks. Their job is to be able to choose items from a designer’s collection that will be marketable for the store that they represent. The buyer is a crucial person in the evolution of a trend. They are responsible for finding the newest and sell-able products out there. Buyers have to know which designers have the ‘It factor’. “It comes down to identity. We look for designers that have a signature style, which you know is undeniably them,” Ben Matthews tells Refinery29.

Bloggers are also imperative to the formation of a trend. Bloggers can easily influence the styles of their readers with one simple post. In today’s digital age it is vital to impress bloggers. The blogger can do some of the best marketing for any trend. If a blogger is popular enough, he or she may be paid to promote certain items from a collection.

High fashion clients, like celebrities also influence trends especially in today’s media centered world. Like Joan Crawford said, “Any actress who appears in public without being well-groomed is digging her own grave.” Red carpets, award shows and movie premiers are the perfect opportunity for celebs to flaunt their style and influence avid fans. Many fans may try to copy aspects of their favorite celebrity’s style. It could be a waistline, a neckline or a certain nail art design. Whatever it is, celebrities clearly influence the popular trends.

The last piece of the evolution of a trend is the advertising behind it. Ads are designed to make a consumer feel the need to buy a product. They have to make a consumer truly feel as though they cannot live without a certain product. For a trend to be successful advertisers create a feeling of extreme need. Bloggers can do some advertising on their websites, however, in the fashion industry ads are commonly found in magazines. The most coveted advertising spots in magazines are in the front of the book. They usually cost a lot of money, but they are seen by the most number of people. The cover shoot is even an ad itself! The cover photo usually expresses what’s in right now with the most influential designers the magazine can get.

Many people are under the misconception that the fashion industry is just a creative place. That is partially true. However, the goal of any industry is to make money, so a trend is just a tool that designers use to make a profit. At the end of the day the fashion industry is simply an industry. Trends that are catchy are fun to follow. Whether you embrace them or not the choice is yours.


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