Honey, I shrank your clothes!

One of the worst things in the world is to discover that your favorite sweater or dress has shrunk in the wash. But did you know that science has an easy explanation and a solution to any of your fashion woes?

The cause:

Shrinking of cotton is caused by the overheating of hydrogen bonds and the extreme twisting of your clothes in the washer and dryer. Once these bonds break, the fabric collapses in on itself. and you have a child sized garment.

The solution: 

You could always buy preshrunk or prewashed clothes. However the DIY un-shrink your clothes is super simple. First fill a bucket with warm-not hot-water.Then add 1 tbs of conditioner and your shrunken garment. Let it sit for half an hour and hand rinse. Its fixed! Basically the conditioner relaxes the fibers and allows it to return to its original shape.


Matt Soniak



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