Consumer Behavior



Trends in fashion happen because a bunch of people decide that the newest fad is cool and they want it. People are actually paid to study consumers and explain why they pick one product over the other! Lots of factors influence the formation of trends and how people react to them.

These include:

  • Age
  • Lifestyle
  • Perception–this is where trends really start
  • Environment
  • Societal relationships

All of these factors can attribute to why a 16-year-old chooses to wear crop tops and jorts  (jean shorts), where as a 65-year-old may choose to wear paisley sun-dresses and polo shirts.

In ecology, consumer behavior is defined as the way consumers get their nourishment. There are many of the same influencing factors involved such as

  • Age
  • environment
  • Societal roles– think of a wolf pack and how the alphas eat first